Posted on: April 20, 2008 12:33 am

Nebraska Spring Game

Well..The Huskers won first of all... Woo!

Second off, watching the offense, it was a little sloppy for the red and the white team. A lot of overthrown balls by Zac Lee and Beau Davis. Joe Ganz was accurate, but the receivers weren't catching for him. Patrick Witt also had some trouble. The defense played well for both the Red and the White. A fumble returned for a touchdown in the first quarter really exemplified how well the defense played. Armando Murillo made a nice catch also on an interception. Not much yardage, and like I said, sloppy offensive play, which also included a Quinton Castille fumble.

I would've been interested in seeing Niles Paul and Menelik Holt some more this year along with getting to see Marcus Mendoza and Roy Helu Junior.

All in all, not a bad Spring Game for the Huskers, but definitely some stuff for Bo Pelini to work on.

One other thing, DeMorrio Williams should never be an actor..

Also, the Huskers' attendance of 80,149 is the second most at a Spring Game in history..
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